Paranormal Romance

The Night Shift

Tiger shifter medic Isabel Prowse, MD knows you never invite a vampire into your war zone field hospital–or your bed. But when the Halloween full moon lights up her corner of the desert, mysterious stranger Louis isn’t the only one losing control.

A vampire stealing her blood supplies? Dr Isabel should kick his ass. Only Louis is so freaking hot, he makes her heart skip a beat. And the more she gets to know the dark, brooding stranger, the more she finds herself…. kinda liking him. Ew.

When Louis starts helping out at her emergency medical facility, Isabel finds herself questioning everything. She’s so hot for him, it’s crazy. But he’s a two-hundred-year-old vampire! Tiger shifters don’t date vampires… do they?

Louis must have cast some vampire magic on her, right? Surely she couldn’t really be falling for a bloodthirsty killer?

As the Halloween full moon approaches, desperate Isabel hunts for an old magic spell to help her. But things don’t quite go according to plan.

THE NIGHT SHIFT is a standalone tiger shifter and vampire paranormal romance story with steamy love scenes, no cheating and a guaranteed HEA!


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