Tiger Billionaire

Curvy admin assistant Finola Malley is having the worst Friday night. First she breaks up with her boyfriend. Then she’s called back to her London office for an overtime all-nighter. Life sucks right now. But Finola’s life is about to change forever. That night, she finds herself catapulted into terrible danger… and straight into the arms of Sebastian Chase, the hottest man she’s ever met in her life. Who just happens to be walking around a parking lot naked.

What she doesn’t know is that handsome Sebastian is a man with a secret. He’s not just the billionaire heir to a banking empire. He’s also a white tiger shifter, part of an ancient magical bloodline. When Finola appears, Sebastian immediately recognizes her as his fated mate. Yet he can never allow her to get close. Not when he and his kind are facing the biggest threat they’ve ever known.

Someone out there has been watching Sebastian for some time. Watching and waiting. And now they’re after Finola too…

From the financial district of London to the green hills of Ireland, Finola and Sebastian’s love story is a rollercoaster ride from start to finish.

TIGER BILLIONAIRE is full of action, adventure, suspense, excitement and red hot love scenes, and ends with a guaranteed HEA!

Publisher: Matrioshka Books

My heart hammered brutally in my chest as I reached the door to the building. Hurling it open, I ran inside.


I crashed straight into someone, right on the other side of the door. It was a man.

A naked man.

A naked man?

I stared at him, unable to speak. He was absolutely, totally nude.

Now, I thought, I really must be dreaming. And this dream was a lot better than the last.

The man was tall and solid, yet lean and sinuous at the same time. He steadied me with a big hand on each shoulder. I was instantly still, like a kitten when its mother picks it up with its mouth.

“Are you all right?”

The naked man’s voice was deep and calming.

I stared again. I just couldn’t help it. Trying desperately hard not to gaze down at all the angles and edges of his bare skin, instead I focused on his chiseled jaw and aquiline nose. Man, he was gorgeous.


He was ripped like an athlete, with a lithe grace that made my mouth water. As for his manly goods, well. I knew I shouldn’t look, but they were on display, and holy shit. He was a work of art.

“Does complete silence mean no? You’re not all right?” His blue eyes twinkled at me like a Vegas sign.

He must have known I was checking him out. But then again, he was the one standing there in the buff. What did he expect?

“I’m… I’m okay thanks. Well no, there were these guys. And a tiger. Oh my god, there’s an escaped tiger round here, seriously. We need to call the police right away. Why would there be a tiger? Could it be from London Zoo? That’s not very near here though. Private collector? Someone needs to notify the authorities, for sure. It can’t be…”

I was babbling so fast, it almost certainly made no sense.

Hot Naked Guy’s neck was grazed and sore-looking. I peered at it. His hand flew to the wound.

“Oh my God! Did the tiger get you?”

“No, don’t worry. This is, uh, a shaving injury. I’m all good.”

I narrowed my eyes. It didn’t look like a shaving cut. Not many guys wet-shaved with cut-throat razors these days.

He took my hand firmly. “You, on the other hand, look very pale. Come with me.”

He placed his hand on the small of my back and guided me through a set of double doors, heading back into the building.


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