Ride On A Star

Celestial Mates

Earth girls are off limits... but he'll break all the rules to claim her

I'm a brave hero. A warrior from the planet Yolcadia. A superstar space commander with a perfect battle record. The only thing missing? A mate.

My warrior status means I must remain a bachelor. So when a captivating Earth girl arrives on my ship for protection, I know she's off limits--no matter how much I crave her sweetness.

Her frosty attitude entices me. Her soft curves light my body on fire. But touching her would destroy the peace our planets have worked so hard to build.

I'm supposed to stay away from her.

Not a chance.

The Earth girl is mine. Even if I have to tear down the whole damn galaxy to get to her.

* RIDE ON A STAR is a YOLCADIAN WARRIORS alien romance novel, set in the Celestial Mates shared world *

Publisher: Matrioshka Books

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