Stravon (Dark Star Princes book 1)

Book Cover: Stravon (Dark Star Princes book 1)
Part of the Dark Star Princes series:

The Dark Star Prince is coming... for me

It was supposed to be a fun day out. A pleasure cruise in space, to see the stars. But our ship never made it home to Earth.

Five brutal alien princes invaded our ship. And they stole five Earth girls away.

The Dark Star princes rule the galaxy. They're fierce, cruel, and impossibly handsome. Prince Stravon plans to take me back to his palace for the royal mating ceremony. He wants me to give him an heir.

But what happens next shocks both of us.

Trouble has hit the Dark Star empire. And I'm right in the middle of it.

Will I ever make it home?

STRAVON is the first book in the DARK STAR PRINCES alien romance series. The romance stories are complete in each novel, and there's a continuing storyline over the series that resolves in book five.

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Publisher: Matrioshka Books

We move into another room, where a larger group of humans is gathered in semi-darkness. The viewing screen in the corner displays a still image of our ship. I say something casually to my brothers, but I don’t remember what I said.

Before I have even got all the words out, I feel it.

The heat. The tug in my chest.

It seizes me, deep in the very core of my being. It is as though there is a fiber cable around my spine, running all the way to the human female I can’t stop staring at.

I point to her, because it is her. Of course it is her.

She looks at us all. She opens her mouth as if to scream, but she does not. Instead, she stumbles backward and knocks an object over.

Themis must be struck by the mating call too, as I am. He points to a female just behind mine. His slave appears smaller than my own by a small degree. However, I do not notice any details of her face or body. I am transfixed by my own human female.


What is this unfathomable feeling? It is both uncomfortable and addictive.

I want to shrug it off and march back to the ship. At the same time, I want to seize the human before me and claim her.

Claim her. Here. Now. 


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