Themis (Dark Star Princes book 2)

Book Cover: Themis (Dark Star Princes book 2)

The Dark Star Prince stole me away... and now we're both in danger

Five alien princes took five Earth girls from a space cruise ship. I'm one of them. And what happened next blew my mind.

Prince Themis is stern, fierce, and super demanding. I don't know where he's taking me. But I do know one thing. I won't come quietly.

I've never been the kind of girl who lets a guy tell her what to do. Even if he does have the face of a movie star and the body of a Greek god.

But before I can fight back, trouble hits Prince Themis's ship like a meteor. Even Dark Star royalty didn't see that coming.

Will I ever get home to Earth?

DARK STAR PRINCES is a five-book sci-fi alien romance series. Each novel contains a complete romance story and there's a continuing storyline over the series that resolves in book five.

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Publisher: Matrioshka Books

I never expected this.

It is as though a bolt of lightning has struck me. When I see the human, I just know.

Her. It is her. She is the one.

The Glora scan told us she was here. But I do not need to verify her identity with any scan or molecular analysis. I am connected to her eternally, though we have never seen one another before.

Deep in my chest, like a laser beam hitting me in the heart, I feel the pull. My natural Quolvian instinct. Every cell in my body shouts the same thing. Mate. 

Technically, this human is my breeding slave. Not a mate, in the true sense. According to everything I know about the galaxy, this human cannot be my equal.

And yet… This feeling is more than just the stirrings of a master/slave relationship. It must be.

My heart aches to be close to her. The euphoria I feel is overwhelming, and disturbing.


Our father’s words ring in my head: “If you do find mates on the ship, extract them at once and take them back to your own palaces.

This focuses my mind. I need to transport this captivating human back to Quolvio right away.

I secure the human female with the binding field and move her through the air toward the place where our personal ships are parked.

Stravon has already removed his mate from the humans’ ship. I see him disappear into his vessel just as we enter the parking deck.

Kodal was the first to find his mate, so he must be on his ship already.

Radek and Zerin are not far behind me with theirs. 

Good. We will return home to Quolvio as a royal fleet.

My human is barely knee-high to a Quolvian. Across her porcelain-pale skin lie golden speckles, like an exquisite map of the stars dancing across her flesh. She has hair the color of the sacred flames of Zargon. As I move her through the doorway of my ship, curly clusters of hair bob around on the sides of her head, catching the light.

I am so transfixed by the spectacle, I almost bump her head on the ceiling. Fortunately, I come to my senses just in time and lower the field.

I close the door behind me and move her into the flight deck area. She is short enough to be at eye level now, while her feet are still a long way from the floor. It is cute, and amusing. I had not realized humans could come in such compact packages.

She is strange, and perfect.

As I speak the words to reactivate the controls of my ship, I look at her fully, from head to toe. I like what I see. Actually, that is a major understatement. My body pulses with desire.

This is crazy. Seriously crazy. How can I be having deep feelings for a human being I only just met? It makes no sense.

I am a Quolvian prince. My father is the emperor in charge of the galaxy. I should have more self-control than this.

One more glance at the human removes any remaining objections I had. She is the most beautiful living thing I have ever seen in my life.

And she is mine.


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